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Sound From A Memory - TONEX Models

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The "John Petrucci - Sound From A Memory" profile pack tries to recreate all sounds from the iconic Dream Theater album "METROPOLIS Pt.2 : SCENES FROM A MEMORY". I profiled a Mesa Boogie Mark Five 35 amplifier and tried to match the micing, cabs and EQ as close as possible to find the sound of this iconic album. Even if you can't play like John Petrucci you can sound like him :) 🎸


  1. Overture 1928 LEAD(1)
  2. Overture 1928 LEAD(2)
  3. Overture 1928 RHY (L & R Combined in mono sound)
  4. Overture 1928 RHY(L)
  5. Overture 1928 RHY(R)
  6. Strange DejaVu
  7. Strange DejaVú RHY2 ("Back on my feet again")
  8. Beyond This Life RHY
  9. Beyond This Life Solo
  10. Beyond This Life Solo(v2)
  11. Fatal Tragedy
  12. Through Her Eyes
  13. Dance Eternity LEAD
  14. Dance Eternity RHY
  15. Home LEAD 1
  16. Home LEAD 2
  17. Home RHY
  18. One Last Time LEAD
  19. One Last Time RHY
  20. The Spirit Carries PRECHORUS
  21. The Spirit Carries On LEAD
  22. The Spirit Carries On RHY
  23. Finally Free LEAD
  24. Finally Free OUTRO
  25. Finally Free RHY

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25 realistic Tonex models/presets from the DT album Scenes from a memory. Taken from a MB Mark Five 35

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Sound From A Memory - TONEX Models

0 ratings
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