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John Petrucci - Images and Sounds Kemper Profiles

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The "John Petrucci - Images and Words Kemper Profiles" pack tries to recreate all sounds from the iconic Dream Theater album "Images & Words".

All profiles are created with a Mesa Boogie Mark V Amp (in mind*).

18 Profiles

This pack includes Kemper profiles for all guitar parts of the album including carefully recreated Kemper Acoustic sim profiles for the acoustic parts.

On the album John Petrucci makes heavy use of stereo effects for widening and doubling the guitar sound. Make sure to use the right profiles when trying it out. Stereo profiles will sound bad when played on a Mono speaker!

The pack contains both stereo and mono versions of each profile!

All profiles are also managed inside performances for each song, some with adjusted effect and amp parameters:

1. PULL ME UNDER - 3 profiles
2. ANOTHER DAY - 3 profiles
3. TAKE THE TIME - 3 profiles
4. SURROUNDED - 3 profiles
5. METROPOLIS PT.1 - 1 profile
6. UNDER A GLASS MOON - 3 profiles
7. (WAIT FOR SLEEP) - no guitar parts - no profiles
8. LEARNING TO LIVE  - 2 profiles

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* All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with PWC Profiles. These product names, descriptions, and images are provided for the sole purpose of identifying the specific products that were used as reference for creating these profiles.

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18 authentic guitar amp sounds for all guitar parts.

Stereo Profiles
Mono Profiles
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John Petrucci - Images and Sounds Kemper Profiles

2 ratings
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