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Diezel Einstein - TONEX Tone Models

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Authentic ToneX tone models of the Diezel Einstein* 50 watt combo guitar amp. The pack contains direct tone models as well as captures of the combo speaker with the Celestion* G12K-100 speaker.


Channel 1

  1. Channel 1 Mode 1 (CLEAN)
  2. Channel 1 Mode 2 (EDGE of breakup)
  3. Channel 1 Mode 2 (DRIVE)
  4. Channel 1 Mode 3 (CRUNCH)

Channel 2 (LEAD)

  1. Channel 2 DRIVE
  2. Channel 2 LEAD

18 FULL AMP TONE MODELS(with original speaker)

Variations are equal to the direct tone models + additional mic position variations for the LEAD channel.

All tone models are available :

  • in a fat mic setting ideal for single coil guitars with a warm sound.
  • in a balanced mic setting for a well balanced tone
  • bright setting mix ready (most captures)

Original reference amp

*Please Note

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Diezel Einstein - TONEX Tone Models

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