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Benzin OneStone Kemper Profile Pack (Diezel Einstein Kemper Profiles)

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The "Benzin OneStone" profile pack tries to recreate the sound of the Diezel Einstein 50W Combo. It is the combo amp that Diezel* ever made and features a beautiful modern amp sound. The Celestion* G12K-100 Speaker creates the tight and brutal sounds that the company is known for.

2 Channels

Channel 1 has three different modes: Clean (1), Crunch (2) and Full (3) that represent different gain stages. Channel 2 is the lead channel with a fuller sound. Both channels are amplified with KT-77 tubes in the power amp with lots of low end and tight mids.

Direct Profiles

The Profile pack includes 13 direct profiles of all channels with different tonal and gain settings.


1×12 Open Back

The combo ships with a Celestion G12K-100 speaker inside the open back chassis. It creates a transparent modern guitar tone that is unmatched.

22 profiles with different mix positions are included of this original setup.

The cabinet, the speaker and the amp are in perfect balance.

Benzin OneStone 1x12 Combo with Celestion G12K-100 Speakers

Open Back chassis of the OneStone 1x12 Combo with Celestion G12K-100 Speakers

4×12 Closed Back

This original Celestion G12K-100 loaded Diezel 4×12 cab adds some extra low end to the sound.

The Profile pack ships with 16 profiles of the Amp with the 4×12 closed back cab with different mic positions. (bright / fat) 

4×12 Closed Back Oversize V30

This classic Californian 4×12 oversize cab loaded with 4 Celestion Vintage 30 speakers creates a great sound with the well know V30s character.

The profile pack ships with 15 profiles with this beast.

4×12 Closed Back G12M 25

Loaded with four 25Watt “Greenbacks” this Cabinet is a perfect supplement to the sound range. It has a nice balance.

The profile pack ships with 11 profiles with the Dognar cab.

PDF Documentation

The profile pack includes a detailed documentation of all settings and selected microphones

Documentation is included as a PDF file

Example Channel 1 Mode 1

Demo Sounds

Reference Amp

These profiles were created by analyzing this original Diezel 1x12 Combo.

*Please Note

All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with PWC Profiles. These product names, descriptions, and images are provided for the sole purpose of identifying the specific products that were used as reference for creating these profiles.

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Direct profiles
Studio profiles of combo
Studio profiles with Diezel 4x12
Studio profiles with Mesa 4x12
Studio profiles with Bogner 4x12
Profile documentation as PDF (20 pages)
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Benzin OneStone Kemper Profile Pack (Diezel Einstein Kemper Profiles)

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